Don´t Cry For Me Guatemala

So we´re about to leave Guatemala — this is the eve of our departure. It´s been fantastic, and I highly recommend it to anyone (especially Tikal, which was my favorite spot). Tomorrow we cross into Honduras where we plan to do some scuba diving, river rafting, and (surprise, surprise!) biking. Who knows how things will work out though, so I´ll try not to get ahead of myself.

Today we opted for a bus journey since we didn´t have any info about the road between Jutiapa and Chiquimula. It looked to be a two-day journey by bike without any good sleeping spots, so we cheated. Didn´t work out quite as planned though. As you may have already realized, the town we´re in tonight (Chiquimula) looks and sounds a lot like the town we were in a couple of nights ago (Chiquimulilla). The people running the buses don´t deal in fine distinctions, so despite the fact that we repeated our intended destination several times, we found ourselves trapped on a bus heading back the way that we had biked yesterday. We went about an hour in the wrong direction before we got to a town large enough to have a bus terminal of sorts. We jumped off the wrong-way bus there and boarded a new bus (much more crowded) for Ipala. Ipala, of course, was not our destination, but it was the closest we could get after having gone an hour in the opposite direction. We switched to a minibus in Ipala and eventually made it to Chiquimula. *Sigh*

Chiquimula is pretty close to the Honduras border, so we might just bike ourselves across tomorrow. This morning I was ready for a day or two off my bike seat, but after our bus fiasco I´m perfectly happy to pedal my way.

Here are a few more pics from the past couple of weeks:

A hazy volcano shot at Lago de Atitlan. I like the way the leaves frame the volcano in the background.

I´m a big fan of the dock shots, too.

Here´s a funky tree on the lake.

A cute boat on Lago de Atitlan. Initially we were disappointed by the abundance of motorized boats and giant houseboats, but apparently some of the locals still paddle themselves around.

This is one of those monkey men we saw in Santiago-whatever a while back. I didn´t have a good pic before, but Mike busted out Photoshop and zoomed in to give you this image. I´m not really sure what the story is, but there were other people in similar costumes with people masks on. The people masks looked an awful lot like the Burger King guy in the TV commercials. I think they were supposed to be conquistadors, but don´t quote me on that.

My next blog should come to you from somewhere in Honduras; I hope you´re as excited as I am. Don´t forget to put in your guesses for the latest poll, trivia question, and Jeopardy game. Also, don´t forget about our “Travel Map” linked to the left. Google Earth is pretty awesome and you can kind of make out some of the mountains we´ve been torturing ourselves with. Our Guatemala travels look a little haphazard, but you can look to the key and my descriptions to see when we were where (Google apparently changed their symbology though, so don´t get thrown off by the different color bus symbols). Thanks to everyone who is troubling themselves to keep in touch with us and to keep up with our blog. We miss you!

4 Responses to “Don´t Cry For Me Guatemala”
  1. Karen Brady says:

    Another day, another country! It’s amazing the things you’ve seen and the ground you’ve covered already. Too bad about the wrong-way bus thing. Good thing you are not on a tight schedule. My favorite picture this time is the tree-framed volcano. It looks so beautiful there. But I also enjoy the colorful local people pictures. So great that you posted 2 days in a row. Trying to make up for that week-long span, huh? (I hope that doesn’t happen again!) Take Care and Travel Safe!Love, Ma

  2. Dr_Omega says:

    What great pictures! You are making us want to visit Guatemala.Thanks for the monkey men-what a funny costume.Great to talk to you Mike & we can’t wait to see you next month.My guess for favorite musical instrument is the xylophone & I think the bars of soap are the admission price to see a movie! Ha! I bet no one else will guess that one!Hope Hondouras is as interesting as the previous legs of your amazing adventure.Have fun & be safe! Love ya, Mom

  3. Anonymous says:

    OK,Wow another new post! way to go!It was good to hear your voice and catch up with your travels on this blog. The question is — What do you buy at the market after you have been biking and hiking for a week because you do not want to risk going without? I think the most popular instrument is the maracas.Glad to hear you will be posting more. Keep those great pictures coming.Dad

  4. Anonymous says:

    the people wearing the costumes were celebration the birthday of the patron saint of Santiago Atitlan. It happens once a year. Your < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Lake Atitlan<>. photos are excellent! Especially the one with the old Jacaranda tree. Best of luck on your adventures.

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