Bike Friday . . . Through Thursday!

Yay! I got my fabulous Bike Friday in the mail yesterday. She will be my companion on future travels in foreign lands. Of course, Mike will be there too. The bike is cleverly designed to fold up into a suitcase, which can later turn into a trailer. She’s a beaut! I’ll be posting some pics soon, so you can admire her from afar.

About my earlier post: Mike informs me that biking through El Salvador might constitute a suicide mission, so that’s one country we probably won’t be visiting. I’ve been reading some literature on cycling Central America, though, and I’m excited.

Finally, I got some good news about my teaching prospects for next year. I will be able to teach an online course at ASU while I’m in South America. This will be especially awesome because I will still be receiving paychecks in U.S. dollars. Plus, I’ll be able to take “research credits” which will allow me to continue work on my degree while abroad. Sweet deal!

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