No Touchy!

After our “Highway of Death” two-day bus trip we were happy to get back on our bikes for a bit. On Tuesday we set off from Guaimaca heading west. The scenery was quite pretty and Mike said that it reminded him of Montana. We were in the mountains winding along roads lined with pine trees. … Continue reading

Highway of Death

First of all, let me apologize for my ridiculous new poll. The question was recently featured on a test Mike and I took for our Nitrox scuba diving class. I realize that you could not possibly begin to know how to answer this question without being scuba certified and having an Equivalent Air Depth (EAD) … Continue reading

Lazy Days

Mike and I have gotten lazy. Enough biking for a while, enough changing hotel rooms and towns everyday — we’ve spent pretty much this entire week on Utila, one of Honduras’ Bay Islands. I’m sitting in a hammock on the second-floor deck of our hotel, which is about 10 feet from the Caribbean Sea. Although … Continue reading

Damn that Dean!

Mike and I have been keeping a wary eye on Dean for the past several days…not that it’s done us much good. He goes where he pleases, scuba plans be damned! We left Tela and headed to La Ceiba, a town a bit farther east along the northern coast of Honduras. At this point, all … Continue reading

Some Soap and a Serenade

We have been on the move the last couple of days, working our way toward the Gulf coast. We may be regretting that with Hurricane Dean on its way, but as of now it´s heading north of us. We´ll be keeping an eye on it. Here´s an image from the National Hurricane Center with the … Continue reading

Hellooooo Honduras!

We had a lovely day biking our way into Honduras. There were a couple of hills, but they weren’t nearly as bad as the ones a few days ago. We were a bit disappointed when the border-crossing officials refused to stamp our passports though. They claim that the stamp that got us into Guatemala is … Continue reading

Don´t Cry For Me Guatemala

So we´re about to leave Guatemala — this is the eve of our departure. It´s been fantastic, and I highly recommend it to anyone (especially Tikal, which was my favorite spot). Tomorrow we cross into Honduras where we plan to do some scuba diving, river rafting, and (surprise, surprise!) biking. Who knows how things will … Continue reading

By Boat, Bus, and Bicycle

It’s been a long time since I updated my blog, so this will undoubtedly be an extra long post. I want you to know that not only haven’t I been blogging, but I haven’t been showering either. I’ve taken only 2 showers since the last time I posted a message. You can’t take things like … Continue reading


We´re nearing the end of our stay in Antigua, as we will be heading to Lago de Atitlan tomorrow. We plan to leave our bikes here for a few days and make the round-trip by bus. Then we´ll be pedaling our way to Honduras. But I´m getting ahead of myself…back to Antigua. Antigua from Cerro … Continue reading


I feel semi-settled for a change since Mike and I have stopped in Antigua for the week. After our brief stop in El Chol we set off on our last day’s journey to Antigua on Sunday. We had about 70 km to bike and we wanted to make it to town by 6 pm in … Continue reading