Nammi! Icelandic Candy Review

Icelanders seem to love candy almost as much as they love ice cream. The country has a couple of major candy manufacturers and many original candies. In Iceland, candy is called “nammi,” which seems like the perfect word. Om nom nom! Note: All but one of the candies detailed here are made in Iceland. I … Continue reading


For the last couple of days, Mike and I have been hanging out around lake Myvatn (which is supposedly pronounced Mee-vawt and is a compound of words meaning “midges” and “water”). Both midges and water are readily apparent, so I guess it’s aptly named. The lake is a far cry from any Midwestern lake, if … Continue reading

A Song of Ice and Fire

If you sent warm, sunny thoughts our way, it worked. We’ve had several days with no rain, significant stretches of sun, and moderate warmth. It’s been fantastic. We travelled from the more popular tourist areas in the south to the east fjords, and now we’re in the northeast. The east fjords were very pretty. They … Continue reading

Just BRAI ‘Cause We’re Not on the RAG

As Mike and I work on our Bike Ride Around Iceland (BRAI), the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) is getting underway. I’ve ridden many RAGBRAIs, and Mike’s done a few, but my dad has our family record. I think he’s ridden at least part of 14 of the last 15 years. He’ll … Continue reading

Ice Ice Baby

Yesterday was glorious. Sure, the morning started out gloomy and rainy as usual when we headed south from Svinafell. As soon as we turned a corner and started heading northeast, though, the weather turned too. Suddenly we had blue skies, full sun, and a strong tail wind! I have never been so happy to see … Continue reading

Iceland’s Raw Power

I’ve already mentioned the geothermal power that Iceland produces at places like the Blue Lagoon, but this post is more about the other unharnessed powers of nature that are so apparent here. Many of them could be harnessed, of course, but Iceland already has an over-abundance of natural energy, so nobody bothers with the other … Continue reading

A Day in Iceland

Mike and I are carrying on, seeing sights and spending time in the saddle. We’re now in Vik, the southernmost city in Iceland. From here we head northeast to one of the least populated coastal areas of Iceland. You probably won’t hear from us for several days. Since we last checked in, we’ve seen huge … Continue reading

A Whole Lotta Nature (That’s Pretty Neat!)

Since we left the glorious campsite at Grindavik, we have learned that it truly was a top-of-the-line facility. The other campgrounds have been nice for the most part but not Grindavik-nice. We’ve struggled a bit to find good wifi, for one. Also, of the four campgrounds we’ve visited so far, it was the only one … Continue reading

Floating in a Bláa Lónið

♫ Now’s your moment, floating in a blue lagoon. Boy, you better do it soon; no time will be better. She don’t say a word, and she won’t say a word until you kiss the girl. ♫ Ha! I’ve had the “Kiss the Girl” song from The Little Mermaid (my favorite movie as a kid) … Continue reading

Iceland: First Impressions

Mike and I are nearing the end of Day 2 in Iceland, though you’d never know it by looking at the sun. Last night it was still light out when we went to bed around midnight. We arrived early in the day on July 5th and took our time exiting the airport. That was partly … Continue reading