Laffy Taffy

You wouldn’t think that bitching about the weather would have any impact whatsoever on Mother Nature(or at least not a positive one), but since I wrote my last post (about the cold and the rain and the hail) we’ve had a couple of gorgeous days. It has been nice and sunny…. We’ve been hanging out … Continue reading

Andes Mints!

Okay, so we haven’t had any mints here yet, but the Andes mountains are just as good if not better. The views of snow-capped peaks are amazing. Mostly we’ve been biking around between 9000 and 11500 feet so far. We plan to head south through the mountains for a week or so before taking a … Continue reading

At Altitude

Well, Mike and I have set foot in South America — a first time on this continent and south of the equator for both of us. We had a long, kind of tiring journey from Phoenix to L.A. to Panama City to Quito, but we’re here! Of course, once we got here it took us … Continue reading

Ho-Hum . . . Not!

I know that I’ve been a bad girl. I haven’t updated the blog in about 2 weeks. Some of you may think that this is because Mike and I are Stateside and we have fewer blog-worthy stories. Not so. Mostly, I haven’t posted because I’ve been so damn busy! We’re used to biking all day, … Continue reading