Eastern Europe Route Map

Things have been a little crazy here in Phoenix this past week, so I’m still a bit behind on my blog posts. Mike’s been very busy, but I want some pictures from him before I cover Sarajevo and beyond. You’ll just have to be patient along with me. While I have been waiting, I have created … Continue reading

OK, Mine

After our morning climb out of touristy Dubrovnik, we crossed into Bosnia and Hercegovina (BiH). Just after the border, we turned onto a quiet country road. Really quiet. For a couple of hours we biked without seeing more than ten people (and that included the three people driving cars). We passed through several small villages … Continue reading

King’s Landing . . . Er, Dubrovnik

After some steep, heavily trafficked hills welcoming us to Croatia, we made our way to Dubrovnik. It’s a truly beautiful city. The newer houses line the sides of the cliffs, while Stari Grad (Old Town) sits majestically next to the azure waters. High city walls separate the two. I hadn’t known it before, but Dubrovnik … Continue reading

Tiny Montenegro

I admit that before getting to Montenegro, I had been thinking of it only as a stop on the way to Croatia. I didn’t know enough about it to have any must-sees, even. Despite my blasĂ© attitude, Montenegro immediately impressed me. It had nicer roads, less garbage, and better facilities than Albania. I felt like … Continue reading