Jungle Animals

Mike and I have been very busy hiking in the Andes, but I’m not going to tell you about that until a later date. For now, it’s just my excuse for the time between posts. I still have a lot to catch you up on from our Amazon jungle visit, so we’ll just have to … Continue reading

The Venice of Peru

The day after our arrival in Iquitos brought us to the neighborhood/”suburb” of Belen. This entire area consists of houses on stilts, mere inches above the water that laps at their front doors. Although some of the houses are connected by rickety plank walkways, there are no roads or sidewalks. Instead, locals paddle the waterways … Continue reading

Arrival in Iquitos

Let’s see…I left off just as we were arriving in Iquitos, right? Well, that turned out to be quite the ordeal. Mike went camera-happy, snapping photos of all the cargo being unloaded. I just wanted to find a hotel so that I could shower, but I let him have at it. My one concern was … Continue reading

On the Amazon

After our long bus trips, Mike and I were excited for the boat portion of our journey into the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Not really knowing what to expect, we simply headed toward the boat docks in search of something that would take us to Iquitos (the largest city in the world that can’t … Continue reading

Journey to the Jungle

Oh my, have Mike and I been busy! What a contrast to our lazy Huanchaco days… I have a lot to share, so I’ll start where we last left off. After leaving Huanchaco and stashing our bikes in Trujillo, Mike and I caught a bus up the coast to Chiclayo. You may remember this town … Continue reading


Realizing that we had only one more weekend in Huanchaco, Mike and I decided to take a quick weekend trip into the highlands (relatively) nearby. Our destination? Cajamarca. This city is well known for its Carnival celebrations (which we missed) and its dairy products. I say relatively nearby because although Cajamarca is only 295 kilometers … Continue reading