It’s Gonna Blow!

I have a slightly morbid desire to witness the apocalypse. I’m not talking about the apocalypse in any religious sense of the term. All that rapture nonsense just makes me roll my eyes. No, I’m talking apocalypse in the sense of the end of civilization. I like a little drama. I love a good story. … Continue reading

Return to the Jug

Mike and I rarely visit the same place twice. With so many things to see, why waste your time with something you’ve already seen? Unfortunately, this travel/adventure philosophy is why Spain and the Czech Republic are closer to the bottom of our travel list than I would like them to be (Mike has been both … Continue reading

Hoodoo Voodoo: Bryce Canyon Casts Its Spell

On Day 5 of our roadtrip, Mike and I spent some time in Bryce Canyon National Park. Although it doesn’t contain as much high adventure as does Zion, Bryce is gorgeous. It’s known for its hoodoos, which are striking rock formations in the shape of spires. The hoodoos form over time as the rock erodes. … Continue reading


I was going to wait until I had edited photos of Bryce Canyon before writing my next post, but poor Mike can’t keep up with my demands. He has a self-imposed deadline to finish editing a wedding he shot, so my blog pictures just don’t receive the attention they deserve. *Sigh* As a result, you’ll … Continue reading