TTFN, Trujillo

Now that we’re about to leave the coast, I figured it was time to post a few pics of Trujillo. Although we were living in Huanchaco, Trujillo was our second city. It’s where we went to go to the movies, visit the mall, or eat at “Papa Juan’s” (mejor ingredientes, mejor pizza). Trujillo is one … Continue reading

Carnival in Huanchaco

Carnival is pretty much a month-long celebration in Peru. In Cajamarca people celebrate with a water balloon fight that lasts weeks and targets anyone and everyone. Every now and then the water balloons become buckets of water or even paint. Huanchaco is a bit more tame. Carnival is marked by more parties than normal and … Continue reading

Perezosos in Peru

Perezoso means lazy, in case you were wondering. Nothing much has happened recently. We’re more or less hibernating in anticipation of our next several months on the road. It turns out that my parents aren’t going to make it to the southern hempisphere this March, so Mike and I have been trying to decide what … Continue reading