Well, I meant to update the blog before we set out for our bike ride across Iowa, but it just didn’t happen. Too many things to finish first. So, here I am, just hours before we set off, killing my 5 minutes of free time. Of course, 5 minutes isn’t enough time to upload new … Continue reading

Market Day

After spending a few days wandering in and out of the museums Cuzco has to offer, we set off for Pisac. Pisac has the largest market of the villages nearby Cuzco; therefore, it is a bit touristy. Nevertheless, it offered a great sampling of goods and a bit of local color. We bought tapestries, placemats, … Continue reading

The Center of the Inca World

It’s been a while, and I’ve been getting harrassed a lot lately, so here’s a new blog for all of our avid readers. I left off our travel tales just before Mike’s parents joined us in Cusco, so that’s where I will resume the story. After Mike and I got back from our epic trek … Continue reading