Feliz Navidad

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, whether you celebrated with turkey and carols, fondue and games, or chifa and a movie. We found ourselves amidst fruit cake and merengue music… On Christmas Eve, Mike and I checked into a mid-range hotel as a special treat for ourselves. After a week in the friendly but … Continue reading

Tra la la la la Trujillo

Sorry I’ve been such a bum about posting lately; I just don’t really have much for news (or pictures). Plus, I figured everyone would be busy with holiday happenings. Anywho, let me give you a run-down of our recent activities. You wouldn’t think that biking along the coast in Peru would be brutal, but it … Continue reading

Forgotten Details

Mike was disappointed that I had forgotten some crucial details in my last post, so I am going to rectify those omissions now. First of all, he wanted to be sure that I tell you how he successfully bribed the Peruvian border authorities. You see, the border between Ecuador and Peru is a little screwy. … Continue reading


The other day Mike and I were interviewed in Tumbes, Peru. Being the gringos that we are, the local newsreporter had no trouble picking us out of a crowd in the town square of Tumbes. Since we had our bikes all packed up and ready to go for the day we were even more conspicuous. … Continue reading

Marine Iguanas

So, the latest with the computer is that it is still seriously screwed up. This is especially sad for Mike. We did loose some Galapagos pictures (about 1000, in fact), but the pics of the boobies (from our last day) were still on the camera. You’ll get to see them eventually, but the files are … Continue reading

Sally Lightfoot Crabs

Well, tragedy struck yesterday: our computer crashed. Big time. Something about our hard-drive is seriously screwed up. Mike is in the process of trying to recover lost data, but we’re not sure how much of it he’ll be able to restore. Luckily, he’s been backing up his photos on his iPod pretty regularly. We may … Continue reading