Adventure #2: “Gambling in the Slots” of Buckskin Gulch

*This is adventure #2 of my Top 10 Adventures Countdown* One of my Top 10 Adventures has made another Top 10 list: Buckskin Gulch has been named by Backpacker Magazine as one of “America’s 10 Most Dangerous Hikes.” In truth, that’s a more ominous title than it deserves. First of all, Backpacker Magazine only considered … Continue reading

Adventure #8: “A Frame More Significant Than Its Picture”

*This is Adventure #8 of my Top 10 Adventures (of the past year and a half) Countdown* I ended my last post with a Nebraska slam because it is truly a horrible state to have to drive through. Truly. Luckily, not all the states between Phoenix and Iowa are as dull. In fact, some of … Continue reading

Adventure #9: You Can Take the Girl Out of the Midwest . . .

. . . but you can’t take the Midwest out of the girl. *This is Adventure #9 of my Top 10 Adventures (of the past year and a half) Countdown* I moved to Phoenix 8 years ago, and I love my adopted home. I don’t think I’ll ever move back to the Midwest, but that … Continue reading

Adventure #10: Rolling, Rolling, Rolling . . .

Here’s the first installment of my Top 10 Adventures (of the past year and a half) countdown. I’m going to cheat a little bit on some of these, so consider yourself forewarned. #10 is actually multiple adventures packed into one category: bike ridin’! Those of you who know me know that I ride my bike … Continue reading

Blog? What blog?

Well, obviously my 2012 New Year’s resolution didn’t go well (not to mention 2013): four posts last year and none so far this year. However, all of that is about to change, my friends. In order to gear up for my next adventure (which I’ll tell you all about once it’s ready to roll out), … Continue reading

. . . and Upward

My last post covered our move onward from Yellowstone into Jackson Hole, WY and Grand Teton National Park. I covered the horizontal part of our journey, so now you’ll get the vertical part of the story. I should forewarn you: this isn’t going to be the tale of an entirely pleasant expedition. Of course, there … Continue reading

Onward . . .

After leaving Yellowstone (that’s right, I’m just going to continue the story as though I did not take a 3-month break from blogging), we headed south. This is where our original roadtrip itinerary became fuzzy. We didn’t know exactly what we would do with the last part of our trip when we set out, and we … Continue reading

The Sublime: Yellowstone — Day 4

The word sublime is commonly used to describe how outstanding something is. You might hear someone say, “This chocolate mousse is sublime,” or “What a sublime symphony!” However, the sublime is a concept developed by several 18th century philosophers. I remember learning about it first when we read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in Mrs. Longhenry’s high school English … Continue reading

Yellowstone — Day 3

Uh-oh! Here it is 2012 already, and I haven’t finished posting about my summer 2011 roadtrip! I resolve to post more often and in a more timely manner. . . Haha! It looks like I’ve already found a resolution that I probably won’t keep. Nevertheless, you will get the third installment from our Yellowstone trip … Continue reading

Yellowstone — Day 2

I don’t have a lot to write about Day 2 of our Yellowstone bike trip because the pictures tell most of the story. We biked about 30 miles, but that took us almost all of the daylight hours since we stopped at the Norris Geyser Basin, Canyon Village, the Mud Volcano, Sulfur Cauldron, and any … Continue reading