Hills Like White Elephants

We´ve been on the move since my last post, but we have cheated our way further south in Guatemala. Our plans are to stop in Antigua for a week of Spanish lessons and a home stay with a Guatemalan family starting Monday, so we´ve had to take a few buses to get closer to town. … Continue reading


Our digs in El Remate were quite creative. This is a pic of the Hotel Sak Luk from the road. Our quarters were up about a half a billion stairs. The whole place looked like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. The hotel had an outstanding view of the lake too. On Monday we … Continue reading

Dis Da Fi Wi Chicken!

It´s been a few days. Allow me to fill you in on recent developments. After San Ignacio we biked a whole 3 miles to Bullet Tree Falls. Although this was our shortest biking day, it was my least favorite due to the steep hills and loose gravel. I felt like I had riden a jackhammer … Continue reading

Go West!

After a lovely couple of days on the island of Caye Caulker, Mike and I started heading west across Belize. We stopped the first night at the Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and camped out. It was a lovely little educational sanctuary currently hosting a couple groups of high school students from the States. Alas, no … Continue reading

Good Ganja

There are a few things I forgot to mention in my last post that I wanted to share with you. Caye Caulker is a relaxed sort of island of the type frequently visited by backpackers. The locals try to cater to this young tourist culture. Maybe that explains their standard greeting. Not “good morning,” “good … Continue reading


Sorry about the time between posts. Internet is more expensive here, so we were trying to hold out for a better deal. Alas, we are weak and attached to our computers, so here I am paying $5 an hour for internet!! Outrageous, I know, but at least we got it cheap in Mexico ($.80 an … Continue reading

Biking in Belize

We finished up our Mexico travels on July 10th. We got up earlier than we usually do when we have a comfy bed to sleep on and left Hotel Ucum (teehee) to explore the Museo de la Cultura Maya in Chetumal. Lucky for us the exhibits were labeled in English as well as Spanish, so … Continue reading

News Flash!

Chichen Itza Declared One of the New Seven Wonders of the World!! So, I´m not sure if you´re aware, but on 7/7/07 “they” announced the New Seven Wonders of the World. Who are “they”? Well, I don´t know who set up this whole thing, but apparently people all over the world voted online for the … Continue reading


Let´s see . . . after my last post we continued heading south. Our first day was rather uneventful, but we camped for free for the night. We found a place that seems as though it will make a lovely eco-tourism spot if it´s ever finished. There were a couple of really nice half-constructed buildings … Continue reading

Pedaling South

After my last post we decided to take a collectivo (shared van) over to Chichen Itza for the day on the 4th. It was a little hot to be walking around in the sun, but we managed okay. I went to Chichen Itza once about eight years ago. You wouldn´t think ruins would change much, … Continue reading