Your Travel Blog Fix

Mike’s sister Deb just posted a comment saying that she’s suffering travel blog withdrawal. Since I don’t want her or anyone else to detox, I’m supplying another fix. Honestly, Mike and I are still being quite lazy. Most of our time is spent bumming about Huanchaco. I finished my first month of teaching English and … Continue reading

Home Sweet Huanchaco

Quite frankly, I haven’t been posting much lately because our lives have become much more predictable and “normal” now that we’ve settled in Huanchaco for a while. I teach, Mike works on the Internet, we cook and go grocery shopping, every now and then we go out to eat — essentially, things have calmed down … Continue reading

New Year

Wow, I’ve been slacking lately. It seems as though I have a lot of things to catch you up on. We’ll start with a brief discussion/description of my volunteer job. As I already mentioned, I’m teaching English for a school called Espaanglisch. It’s a slightly disorganized operation, so I’m pretty much left to figure out … Continue reading

Galapagos Birds — Part II

Good news! We’re finally back online. We purchased a new computer the other day so we can once again share our pictures and conduct our business. Even better: we have 24-hour free Internet access! Mike has barely left our apartment since we set up the computer (just kidding). It will take us a little while … Continue reading