Once again, Mike and I are stateside, having left Costa Rica on Wednesday. We may be back in familiar territory, but that doesn’t mean we’ve paused our adventures. We have a very busy couple of weeks planned for this travel abroad intermission. I’m getting ahead of myself though, because I still have to catch you … Continue reading


We’ve had a fantastic few days in the wonderland surrounding Lake Arenal and its counterpart, Volcano Arenal. There’s a lot to see and do in this area of Costa Rica, so we’ve been taking it easy on our bikes. Though we’ve covered less than 100 km since I last wrote, we’ve been busy! After biking … Continue reading

Wet and Wild!

So, the last couple of days have been very . . . wet. It rains everyday here, usually from about 2:00 on, but that’s not even the whole story. Before I can even see a cloud in the sky I’m drenched, because when it’s not raining the sun beats down on me with scorching intensity. … Continue reading

What?!? No Fireworks?!?

So, Independence Day turned out to be a bit of a flop. I was hoping for some crazy, colorful festivities, but we either missed them or they plain didn’t happen. We got up in time to see the parade, but it was pretty dull compared to some of the impromptu parades we’ve just happened across … Continue reading

Coco, Costa Rica

Mike and I are on the Pacific coast for our first time on this crazy trip. We’re staying in a town called Coco, Costa Rica, which I like to say because it sounds like I have a bad stutter. We biked in from Liberia yesterday, and I think we’ll stay until Sunday morning. We like … Continue reading

Central American Country Numero Seis

Well, we’ve made it to our final destination country for this leg of our journey; Mike and I will be spending the next 2 weeks in Costa Rica before heading back to the States to visit family and friends and attend my sister’s wedding (so excited!). On Tuesday morning we left the island of Ometepe … Continue reading

Jackie and Mike vs. the Volcano

We had a blast yesterday hiking up Volcano Maderas, but it pretty much kicked my ass. I thought I was in pretty good shape from all the biking we’ve done, but those muscles didn’t help me hike 1300 meters up…and back down. I can barely walk. I was really dreading our bike ride to Moyogalpa … Continue reading

Island Life

We got up early on Thursday so that we could spend a little time exploring Granada before catching a ferry to the island. Granada is a very pretty colonial town with many interesting churches and a nice central park. We walked around so that Mike could take pictures and we even went inside a couple … Continue reading

Bikers Galore!

We left Esteli on Monday morning, having enjoyed a rat-free hotel with a hot water shower. We did a little bit of climbing through the mountains on our bikes first thing, but then we left the hills behind us for a while. We shouldn’t have to do any more climbing until we get to Costa … Continue reading

Badass Bugs and Ruthless Rats

Nicaragua welcomed us with a rainstorm on Friday. The last several miles to the border were all uphill, and we arrived panting and sweating. That didn’t last long though. The moment we got our passports stamped, the sky opened up. We thought about waiting it out, but after a few minutes we decided that it … Continue reading