Panic and Triumph in Pine Creek Canyon (Zion NP)

A huge rumble engulfed the cavernous space, and I yelled for the others to “go, Go, GO!” Terrified of facing a flash flood in the tight confines of Zion’s Pine Creek Canyon, I moved faster than I ever had before. I knew that we wouldn’t stand a chance of escape with slick, moss-covered sandstone walls … Continue reading

Survivin’ the Outdoors and the Urban Jungle

I have been doing a lot of surviving lately. First of all, allow me to tell you about my super-cool Outdoor Survival class. I’m taking a super-cool class called “Outdoor Survival” through ASU. It’s super-cool for several reasons: I only have to pay about $100 for it since it is covered by the awesome tuition … Continue reading

“A Hybrid Form of Madness”

I recently came across an article in National Geographic about canyoneering in Australia. The photos were amazing, and they have only increased my desire to hit the outback sometime in the not-too-distant future. I really like the writing in the article as well. The opening lines are golden: “The Swiss have mountains, so they climb. Canadians have … Continue reading

Market Day

After spending a few days wandering in and out of the museums Cuzco has to offer, we set off for Pisac. Pisac has the largest market of the villages nearby Cuzco; therefore, it is a bit touristy. Nevertheless, it offered a great sampling of goods and a bit of local color. We bought tapestries, placemats, … Continue reading

The Center of the Inca World

It’s been a while, and I’ve been getting harrassed a lot lately, so here’s a new blog for all of our avid readers. I left off our travel tales just before Mike’s parents joined us in Cusco, so that’s where I will resume the story. After Mike and I got back from our epic trek … Continue reading

Meet Billy!

Mike and I are thoroughly enjoying the comforts of home — especially since we’ve splurged a bit with some super comfortable furniture. Our bedrooms still need quite a bit of putting together, but we’ve managed to make our living areas presentable at least. Mike wants you to know that the photos below were taken with … Continue reading

New Home!

Mike and I finally have a house in Arizona! It’s a three bedroom beauty in a really nice neighborhood. We have access to pools, lakes, disc golf, tennis, racquetball, a library, a golf course, and various other amenities in our community. We also have a fabulous new chocolate-colored couch. Obviously you should take the time … Continue reading

Stateside Update

Sorry I’ve been neglecting my blog lately — I really do want to get some more pictures and stories posted. The problem is we are far from settled, even after being back in Arizona for a week. Right now we’re sleeping on our friends’ futon and house-hunting on our bikes. That’s fun. The weather did … Continue reading

Extreme Makeover

Mike and I have been having computer problems again, so it looks like it may be a while before I post some more pictures. This is bad for the short term, but good for your summer since it means that I’ll be posting long after we get back to Arizona. And I know that this … Continue reading

Aguas Calientes

I’ve got a bit of catching up to do on my blog, so this will be my second post of the day. Don’t miss “A Work of Pure Fiction” below. Aguas Calientes, as you may recall, is the town that everyone must go through in order to visit Machu Picchu. It may as well be … Continue reading