Wet and Wild!

So, the last couple of days have been very . . . wet. It rains everyday here, usually from about 2:00 on, but that’s not even the whole story. Before I can even see a cloud in the sky I’m drenched, because when it’s not raining the sun beats down on me with scorching intensity. My cheeks were sweating so profusely today that it probably looked like I was grieving a loss. I was sweating like a guilty fat man being given a lie detector test in a sauna . . . on the sun. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore heat, the clouds rolled in and began dumping rain. That’s when I got cold. It’s still raining now, 8 hours later, and I’m afraid Mike and I will have to rent a canoe for tomorrow instead of taking our bikes on the road. Sheesh!

Anyways, our bike trip from Nicoya yesterday was a doozy. We took a crazy route (the only one really) that led us snaking around the mouth of the river that spills into the bay separating the mainland from the peninsula we had been on. The only problem was that the bridge on the route was not where the map said it was. We took a massive detour that added about 15 kilometers to our day, which we had already planned to be a long one. The bridge was lovely though. Constructed by the Taiwanese and pleasantly named the Friendship Bridge, it is the pride of Costa Ricans who snap photos of its unusual design. Despite the detour, we pressed on (through the rain) and made it to Cañas before nightfall.

The coolest thing about Cañas is its zany Catholic church. Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Well this particular church has been attacked by artist Otto Apuy, and, as our guidebook claims, “is unlike anything on display at the Vatican.” The entire front of the church is covered in tiled mosaic, as are many of the other features on the outside of the building. There’s the traditional shepherd and some crosses, but there are also some rather trippy designs. The large stain glass features a jungle scene rather than something explicitly biblical. Sadly, the inside is as boring as most of the churches we’ve seen. I’ll put up pictures of the mosaics soon.

Today we biked only a short distance to a town called Tilaran, but the ride was mostly uphill and we wanted to take it easy after our long day Monday. Next, we’ll slowly work our way around Lake Arenal towards the volcano on the other side, which is known for its regular fireworks shows. Speaking of fireworks, I now have some pictures of our fireworks-less Costa Rican Independence Day:

An un-enthused parade dancer.

This drummer boy was kind of getting into the spirit.

A pile of maracas being sold a few feet from the festivities.

Some interesting boats off the coast of Coco, Costa Rica.

A boy and his bike on the beach (which had nice rocky outcroppings).

Sand fight! The sand in Coco is very dark and almost has the consistency of mud.

Well, that’s it for now. Take care, everyone! We’ll be seeing you soon!

8 Responses to “Wet and Wild!”
  1. Dr_Omega says:

    Maybe there were no fireworks but the kids sure were cute & some of the costumes looked great!You have some wonderful photos.Sounds like you 2 need a break from sun, rain & biking.Stay safe! M

  2. Karen says:

    Hope you are drying out some tonight! I’m loving your frequent posts here, and I’m enjoying following your map, too. Be careful on those busier roads in C.R.! See you soon!

  3. Deb says:

    “I was sweating like a guilty fat man being given a lie detector test in a sauna . . . on the sun.”we feel your pain….today we are escaping the ridiculous heat in an internet cafe. I have sweat in places I didn’t know could sweat 🙂 we’re lovin’ the posts!

  4. Anonymous says:

    GREAT pics. AMAZING journey. Can’t wait to see you. Aunt K

  5. JM Simpson says:

    Weird. I wrote something here last night and now I can’t find it. Bummer. Well, I found it, Jaci, and was duly impressed … blown away actually. I told you mother I was going to live my life through you from now on. WOW!! What an amazing life I lead! See you soon. I wrote down some Latin authors last night. I’m going to have to search your blog to see if I put my comments in some other area. My best,Julie Simpson(your mom’s OLD friend 🙂

  6. JM Simpson says:

    P.S. Found my comments under badass bugs … who woulda thunk it? Can’t wait for the wedding weekend!

  7. Anonymous says:

    You two really amaze me! Your stamina and determination to keep going come hell or high water—heat, rain, muddy and rocky roads, hills, etc………………..Wont be long and will be seeing you..going to be a busy time. I’m excited! Love ya–keep safe, GmaGreat writing and pictures. I heck your blog every day.

  8. Josh says:

    I sweat that much in the desert… you should see me after a run hehe. Are both of you making it back to Phx at all? Should I alert the masses?

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