Well, I meant to update the blog before we set out for our bike ride across Iowa, but it just didn’t happen. Too many things to finish first. So, here I am, just hours before we set off, killing my 5 minutes of free time. Of course, 5 minutes isn’t enough time to upload new photos, but I did want to encourage you to check out the RAGBRAI web site if you’ve never heard of this bike ride we’re doing. There will also probably be lots of articles about the ride in the Des Moines Register this week.

So, I will get back to posting Peru photos as soon as we get back to Arizona, but in the meantime feel free to monitor the progress of 10,000+ cyclists in Iowa.

Oh, and the answer to the latest trivia is “Bike everywhere,” because it’s damn hot in Arizona this time of year. We do bike some places, but not everywhere.

2 Responses to “Quickie”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah! I got the answer right on your quiz! I knew it was a trick ? & that it would be too hot to ride all the time. I am impressed with all you are doing & hope it inspires the rest of your readers – including us!Sharon/Mom

  2. cousin, zane here – from the “ally and zane and avery” household. i want to wish you a belated birthday as well as offer my respect and admiration for such a great woman. while i only rarely check your blog and have never posted until now, i want you to know that when i do venture into your part of the world (wide web) i am always captivated by your story (both the images (thanks also Mike) and the commentary (viva la porters!)). someday i hope to charter your services for a walsh family (when avery is old enough) adventure and to visit the southwest to see you and your official stomping grounds (we will see how big Billy is then). but today is your day (well… the day after your day) and i just want you to know how great of a cousin you are and how much i miss hanging out with you and the rest of your family like we did when we were kids.so congratulations on living life and surviving your adventures and sharing so much of them both with your family and friends.z

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