"Sexy Woman" and Other Lesser-Known Ruins

I’ve taken quite the hiatus from blogging, but there’s still so much to tell about our adventures in Peru. Even though I’m extremely super-busy this semester, hopefully I’ll find the time to blog more regularly until you’re all caught up on our travels.

After we left the Pisac market, Sharon, Bernie, Mike, and I visited the Pisac ruins that dot the hills above the town.

The taxi driver who drove us up to the ruins handed us a map and told us he’d pick us up and take us back to town in an hour and a half.

Although the ruins aren’t quite as grand or as famous as those at Macchu Picchu, they still feature some very nice terracing and some spectacular views.

Of course, the locals take advantage of the spot to sell belts, purses and knick-knacks to tourists.

Sharon and Bernie pose for a picture on a walk-through cave path.

Sharon tipped some young boys who were playing music for the tourists. They were abysmal. Maybe they can use the money for lessons. Or better yet, they could put their tips toward a decent education so that they don’t have to play horrible music at tourist attractions.

After getting our fill of Pisac (market and ruins), we hopped a bus to another ruin called Tambomachay.

Again, the locals were on hand to pose for photos in exchange for tips. This is far more common in areas near Cusco than anywhere else in the country. These ladies were in the process of spinning wool. Even in non-touristy settings it’s common to see women walking around with a bag of fluff on one hip and a spinning bob in their hands, though they might be in less ostentatious clothing.

We found ourselves at Tambomachay at a time of day when the lighting was really pretty on the mountains and the ruins.

The site featured some nice waterways.

With the light fading fast, we finally made it back to Cusco. That wasn’t the end of our tour de ruinas, however. We later went to visit a site just minutes from our hotel in Cusco. It overlooks the city and is known as Saqsaywaman, or “Sexy Woman.” Just to be clear, that is not a translation — only a phonetic approximation. This site more than likely served as some sort of fort because it has excellent views and is heavily fortified.

“Sexy Woman” sign.

The stones, like those at M.P., are carefully fitted together.

Here, Bernie’s sitting in a “throne” on the opposite side of the parade grounds at Saqsaywaman.

One of the most impressive things about Saqsaywaman is the size of her *ahem* boulders…. Archaeologists still wonder how the Incans were able to position such massive stones.

Llama butts.

We were able to visit many of these sites because we purchased boletos turisticos, or tourist tickets. Our tickets also gained us entry to a dance and music presentation in Cusco. Costumed dancers performed various cultural numbers to live music. Although I’m not quite sure they were the best of the best, the dancers were at least entertaining.

Peruvian cowboy dance?

Same dance.

This freaky masked-man is performing a dance number in which the men actually whip each other. We could hear the whips whistling through the air and then cracking against the men’s legs. Very sado-masochistic.

Okay, that’s it for now — I hope you enjoyed your tour. If I do not post another blog in the next week or so, feel free to send me harrassing emails. I will be more likely to blog if people bug me about it.

5 Responses to “"Sexy Woman" and Other Lesser-Known Ruins”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Hooray, she’s back! More, more, we want more!!Does Peru seem like ages ago, now that you are back in an average, routine, busy stateside life?Love, Ma

  2. Anonymous says:

    welcome back! Very interesting pictures and comments. love it! Will be patiently awaiting more.Gma

  3. Anonymous says:

    I second your Mom-“Hooray, we want more!” And unlike your Gma I am impatiently waiting, even tho I know you are super busy these days.Such fun to look back & relive it!Love,Sharon/Mom

  4. Kristen says:

    we want more! nice to see you blogging again 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wellllllllllllllllll,, at last. I’ve missed your entries. Like the llama butts (and all the rest) antkathy

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