Hoodoo Voodoo: Bryce Canyon Casts Its Spell

On Day 5 of our roadtrip, Mike and I spent some time in Bryce Canyon National Park. Although it doesn’t contain as much high adventure as does Zion, Bryce is gorgeous. It’s known for its hoodoos, which are striking rock formations in the shape of spires. The hoodoos form over time as the rock erodes. What happens is that water seeps into the cracks of the sandstone and subsequently freezes in the winter months. The expansion of the water when it turns to ice breaks apart the soft rock, which is washed away when the ice melts in the spring. The process eventually forms spires, which themselves ultimately erode to unimpressive mounds of sand and rock.

We spent most of the afternoon hiking through Bryce canyon, taking photos, picnicking, and such. There isn’t much to tell, so I’ll just add a bunch of photos instead.

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