Euro Velo 6

When we left Budapest, we spent 5 days biking to Belgrade, Serbia. By chance we stumbled across the Euro Velo 6 bicycle route, which travels from somewhere in France on the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea in Romania. It more or less follows the Danube between the two cities, so we more or less followed the route.


Euro Velo 6 signposting (not always so easy to find)

I won’t bore you with the details of 5 days of biking, but I’ll cover the high- (and low-) lights.
We actually ran into several other bike tourers on this stretch of road. We didn’t have many conversations, except with one pair of gentlemen heading back to their home in the Netherlands from their starting point at the Black Sea. I didn’t envy them since we had the strong tailwinds heading south that day!

I had my first ever accident with my clipless pedals, also. I’ve been wearing biking shoes for at least a decade and have never had an issue before. People always say to me things like “Oh, I’d be afraid to wear them in case I couldn’t unclip in time to avoid an accident.” I always used to say that I had never had that problem. Sadly, I can’t say that anymore. In the no man’s land between Hungary and Serbia I completely bit it. My left shoe wouldn’t unclip, and I fell over just before reaching the gate. Mike says the border security guard had a look on his face like he wasn’t sure he wanted to let me into his country. I bounced right up and gave him my passport, but my left wrist hurt like hell. I spent the last 30km that day biking in all sorts of ridiculous positions to ensure the least amount of pressure on my hand. Luckily, it felt somewhat better the next day, and I was able to bike in a pretty normal position after taking an Ibuprofen. It’s still bruised and a little sore now (almost a week later), but it’s not serious.

That same night we had a stroke of luck and found a great place to stay for the night. Right along the Euro Velo 6 route in Sombor, Serbia is a lovely bike camp catering to bicycle tourists. Bike Camp LongTour has been operating for about a month. It’s a lovely property with a few guest rooms as well as many spaces for tents. The owners are super nice and very accommodating. They gave us some amazing homemade ice cream, some great advice and resources for biking in Serbia, and tons of cherries from their trees. We really enjoyed the warm welcome to Serbia.


Cute decorations!


Super hosts!


Free cherries!

The next night we had a gracious WarmShowers host in Novi Sad. He joined us for dinner and a walk to the center of Novi Sad, all the while providing us with insights about the country and culture.


Not all of our roads are paved

Aside from occasional crazy traffic and some pretty long days, we had a good ride along the Danube. My next post will mention some of the things we did in Belgrade.

Street art on the way into Belgrade. “You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” — Robin Williams

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  1. Thanks for the nice words !!! Good luck 🙂

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