Adventure #1: Wet & Wild Waterslides Canyon

This is Adventure #1 of my Top 10 Adventures Count Down When Mike and I go canyoneering, we almost always seek out new canyons. There are a few we’ve done 2 or 3 times, and we’ve done the Jug about 8 times, but usually it seems more adventurous to go into the unknown than to … Continue reading

Adventure #5: Waterholes Canyon

*This is Adventure #5 of my Top 10 Adventures Countdown* I love thinking about how the slot canyons I regularly enter have been formed by millions of years of water flowing over and through rocks. The shapes and patterns and twists and turns that form are incredibly beautiful. In addition to being able to see … Continue reading

Adventure #7: Narrow Places

*This is Adventure #7 in my Top 10 Adventures (of the past year and a half) Countdown* This is a long one, so make yourself comfortable or just skip to the pictures. Where’s the most remote place you’ve been? The place farthest from other people, farthest from a town, farthest from help (should you need … Continue reading