Playing Catch-Up

Long time no write. Oopsy. Since I last posted an update I’ve been cliff jumping at Gisela, partying in Vegas for my little sister’s bachelorette party, and working hard. I’ve moved out of my apartment and am now a step closer to my travels. Mike and I have booked our plane tix to Cancun, where we’ll be starting our adventure this summer. We leave Phoenix on June 28th. I’ll be back to Iowa for a bit shortly before we take off until October. Mike may come with, but we’ll see.
Mike’s sister, Deb, visited for a few days earlier this week. She’s off on her own adventure with her partner Dan later this week. They’re spending the next 6 months in Kenya and India. I’ve linked to their blog since their travels are bound to be thrilling as well. Deb also introduced us to a web site called Global Freeloaders which may prove useful in the coming months. Essentially it’s a site connecting travelers to local people willing to host them. We’re looking into it as a way to cut costs and meet more interesting people.
Well, I’m busy, busy for the next month, so my posts may be few and far between until we actually make it out on the road, but I’ll throw in a few pics of cliff jumping for now. TTFN!
One Response to “Playing Catch-Up”
  1. Karen Brady says:

    Yay!! Another post!! I’m gonna love this site. I took a peek at Deb & Dan’s site also. Even thought I don’t really know them, it will be fun to follow their travels as well. Can’t wait to see you in IOWA!Ma

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