Sorry about the time between posts. Internet is more expensive here, so we were trying to hold out for a better deal. Alas, we are weak and attached to our computers, so here I am paying $5 an hour for internet!! Outrageous, I know, but at least we got it cheap in Mexico ($.80 an hour).

Anywho, since Orange Walk we haven’t gotten too far on our bikes. Just a little way the first day to Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary. It was a lovely little town, famous for its cashews and birding. The lagoon hosts loads of birds, which is probably more exciting for people who like birds. They were nice though. Pretty, I guess. Except for the freaky vulture things that looked as though they were wearing powdered wigs of the type more commonly seen on English judges. Here’s a pic, but you can’t really see the wigs. Maybe I can get Mike to upload a close-up later.

We camped out near the lagoon, which turned out to be a less-than-fantastic experience. Although we weren’t attacked by the jaguars or the crocodiles, we did battle it out with a rather fierce downpour. It won. Our tent got a bit wet. Made it rather difficult to wheel our bikes through the mud in the morning, too. Ah well — no real harm done.

We made our way to Belize City next and stayed at the Seaside Guest House for two nights. There were lots of interesting travelers there; the owners were a bit kooky, but it was a decent enough place. While in Belize City (the biggest in Belize with a whopping 70,000 people. The whole country has only about a quarter million) we ran some errands, visited the only movie theater in the country to see Harry Potter 5 (decent, but I’m really anxious for the book), and took it easy. There were also some pretty wicked storms. Very neat, but I hope I don’t see a hurricane!

Today we headed to Caye Caulker by water taxi and suffered a bit of deja-vu. We ran into a man we had seen in both Chetumal, Mexico and Orange Walk, Belize. He was the captain of our boat, so our bikes got on for free! Excellent! We’re planning on hanging out here for a few days because it seems nice. Maybe we’ll do some diving or snorkeling — who knows. Anyway, here are some pics for now.

Nice sunrise at Crooked Tree

Ditto. Isn’t this a great pic?!?!

Butterfly just coming out of its cocoon.

Don’t forget to participate in my new poll. Our guide book claims there is only one American fast-food joint in all of Belize. It left us hanging by failing to divulge the company, but then we found it. Guess which dining experience has been imported. I’ll reveal the answer in about a week. Also, don’t forget to check the travel map linked to the left.

2 Responses to “Deja-vu”
  1. Karen Brady says:

    Hi, Jax & Mike!!The pictures are getting better and better all the time. The new butterfly is awesome! But I absolutely LOVE the sunrise picture!!! Glad to hear you are relaxing and enjoying some time off the bikes. I, too, hope you don’t see any hurricanes! Stay dry, stay safe!Love, Ma

  2. Dr_Omega says:

    Hi Guys!Just returned from our 10 day trip & we are catching up on your awesome adventures! Can’t believe all you have seen & done already.The pics are beautiful MIke & the descriptive writing is such fun to read.We had fun with all of the relatives, did many touristy things & tomorrow we take Granny back to Roch with the new car she purchased here.No hurricanes allowed this year!Love, M,D,&G

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