Dis Da Fi Wi Chicken!

It´s been a few days. Allow me to fill you in on recent developments.

After San Ignacio we biked a whole 3 miles to Bullet Tree Falls. Although this was our shortest biking day, it was my least favorite due to the steep hills and loose gravel. I felt like I had riden a jackhammer for those 3 miles. The reason for our short detour was that we had a free place to stay for a couple of days (Yay Couch Surfers!). Our hosts at the Parrot Nest were quite generous and hospitable. Their guest rooms resemble tree houses and are perched on a lovely bit of land right next to the river. One of the first things we did there was go tubing with our host Marcus. Some highlights of that trip include,

1. The fantastic rope swing we used to launch ourselves into the river (it broke a few minutes after we used it as a kid half my size tried to swing out over the river — luckily he wasn´t hurt!),
2. Learning that the gunshots we often hear at night are more than likely locals shooting iguanas out of trees (I think the bullets would be better used on the dogs), and
3. Hearing our favortie tortilla salesman honking up a storm as he drove past. Actually, Mike and I had encountered him earlier and were much annoyed. When we heard him honking again, we asked Marcus what the hell he was up to. Clearly Marcus isn´t a fan either, because he responded that the man was selling tortillas and “There´s no way in Hell I´d ever buy anything from him.” We agreed.

We stayed on at the Parrot Nest for another day so that we could take a tour to see the Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) cave. It was a pretty sweet tour since we got to swim and hike about 800 meters back into this large cave formerly frequented by ancient Mayans. We saw waterfalls, bats, loads of ancient pottery, and 5 sets of human remains — sacrificial victims. One of the skeletons was almost completely intact. Sadly, we didn´t bring the camera because of all the swimming and hiking required.

Today we biked back to San Ignacio and then cheated by taking a bus to El Remate, Guatemala. We had heard that the road into Guatemala was a) loose gravel for approx. 30 miles and b) heavily trafficked. We decided to avoid that mess. Tomorrow we are going to see more ruins, and then we´ll start working our way through Guatemala. It´s very pretty so far, as we are staying next to a beautiful lake surrounded by hills.

Here are some pics that have been a while in coming…

Nice plumbing on Caye Caulker.

Photogenic boat. Our SCUBA transport looked a little more reliable, but with less character.

Talk about character…

Lobster traps.

Say what?!? A lovely example of Kriol on a street sign in Caye Caulker. I think I understand most of it, but still…

The new poll is your chance to guess at the meaning of a popular Kriol slogan selling a brand of chicken. We had to ask our hosts at the Parrot Nest what it meant. It might be easier for you with choices; then again, it might not.

The answer to the last poll: Subway is the only American fast-food chain in all of Belize, and we think there´s only one store. Guess it´s not so much a chain here.

I haven´t found a Harry Potter book yet, but I haven´t given up hope. If I haven´t located one soon, however, I may have to rely on Ma to send me a copy (love you!). Hope everyone else is up to their eyeballs in magic!

4 Responses to “Dis Da Fi Wi Chicken!”
  1. Karen Brady says:

    Hi, guys! Sounds like you are finding some nice places to stay at least part of the time. The cave you visited sounds interesting. Creepy, maybe, with those skeletons, but interesting. That is something I could not do – too claustrophobic! Glad you took a bus for awhile. Don’t think that would have been a good road to bike on. I love your new “poll” feature. You’ve made this blog very fun. Hope you find an HP book – let me know if you don’t. Nick finished his in just under 24 hours!! Take Care and don’t let the dogs get you!Love, Ma

  2. MMarcus says:

    That’s hilarious with the chicken and that bastard that lays on the horn all the time, driving us crazy. Keep on keeping on! Have a great rest of the trip!-MMarcus

  3. Josh says:

    Score! I knew Subway would come through 🙂 I agree, shoot dogs, not iguanas! I accidentally decided to go buy a road map book at Barnes & Noble the Friday night Harry Potter came out… it was packed. Great pics (especially the rain gutter plumbing), have fun!

  4. FloresTikal says:

    Lived in Belize for quite a while and never got a good answer to the translation for Dis Da Fi Wi… so, want to know the answer 🙂My favorite one was…Na De Dapan DatBasically, ‘that’s not cool with me’ – literally, ‘I am not upon that’.Safe Travels!< HREF="http://www.FloresTikal.com" REL="nofollow">Flores Tikal Hostel<>BACKPACKER Bed & BreakfastFlores GuatemalaP.S. What do you want us to do with your bike lock?

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