Ho-Hum . . . Not!

I know that I’ve been a bad girl. I haven’t updated the blog in about 2 weeks. Some of you may think that this is because Mike and I are Stateside and we have fewer blog-worthy stories. Not so. Mostly, I haven’t posted because I’ve been so damn busy! We’re used to biking all day, eating a quick dinner, and having the rest of the evening after nightfall (which happens at around 5:30) to read or putz around on the Internet. Since I’ve been back in the States, I have had plenty of things to do after 5:30 at night besides work on my blog. I spent the first week and a half helping my sister get ready for her wedding, and I’ve spent the last several days getting caught up on the grading I neglected in order to help my sister get ready for her wedding. Please allow me to recap our adventures since we’ve been back in the U. S. of A.

Mike went to New York for a week as soon as we got back. I really wanted to join him there, but I felt like I needed some extra girl time with Kristen before she got hitched. Anyways, he visited his parents and other relatives back in NY for a stretch. He ate some fantastic Duff’s wings, attended a kite festival, and found a castle that was practically hiding in his backyard from the sounds of it. His parents are about to head off on their own trip to India to visit Deb and Dan (see their amazing blog, linked on the left), so it was a good time for Mike to visit. India’s pretty high on my list of places to go, so I’m a bit jealous, but I can’t be too envious since we’re starting back up in South America soon enough ourselves. Sharon and Bernie, I hope you have an amazing time and I hope that the travel bug bites you so that you’ll come visit us in Peru later this year. I promise we won’t put you up in hotels with rats or 19 bars of soap caked to the shower walls.

A crazy, enormous octopus kite.

Some patriotic stunt kites.

You guys know that I’m not a huge fan of dogs, but this one looks so happy!

I have no idea who this little girl is, but I really like this picture.

This photo kind of freaks me out. Mike says that the midget was actually some kind of robot that was flying the kites. Weird.

I spent my first week in Iowa catching up with the fam, getting my bridesmaid dress taken in (yay!), trying to get rid of my ridiculous tan lines, and helping with wedding planning. It was kind of nice to sleep in the same bed every night and to eat all my favorite foods.

On Wednesday before the wedding, Mike rejoined me in Iowa and we set about getting beautified for the big day. We were both sporting new haircuts already (Mike told me that when he went to the barber, the barber exclaimed “Oh my God! Cancel all of my appointments for the rest of the afternoon — I have work to do!”), but we had a very strict beauty regimen to follow. Mike accompanied me and my sister, mom, aunt, grandma, as well as the groom’s aunt and sister when we went to the mall for manicures and pedicures. He took photos of everyone being pampered and then got in on the action himself. He’s been showing off his pretty glittery nail polish to anyone who’ll look.

That evening, Mike took photos of the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner, which was done tailgate-style. Since Kristen and Josh have more male friends than female friends, Josh had 6 groomsmen and Kristen had 4 bridesmaids and 2 “bride’s attendants.” These included my brother, Nick, and a longtime friend, Zack. Kristen let the guys wear tuxes instead of dresses in the wedding, but Zack really played up his unique position and wore a bedazzled “bridesmaid” t-shirt to the rehearsal.

Saturday, October 6th was the big day, and it started off bright and early. Once again, Mike joined us girls as we filed into the beauty salon to get our hair and make-up done. This time he didn’t participate, but he took some amazing photos. After that we went back to the hotel to get all dressed up before pictures.

Mike took some neat photos at the beauty salon. Some of them, like this one, are particularly good for stock photography. He will be attempting to sell many of these online.

Here’s Kristen getting her make-up done.

I like this extreme close-up of her eye. Look at those lashes!

After the salon we went back to the hotel to get ready. This is a pic of the bridesmaids’ bouquets. Pretty!

Here’s a sweet shot of Kristen getting all laced up!

The wedding was held at the outdoor Shakespeare theatre in Iowa City’s “City Park.” The weather was a little hot (esp. for the guys in tuxes), but other than that it was perfect. Kristen and Josh hired a wedding photographer and videographer (Boris and Rocky) who were both quite the characters. They took all the formal photos, and I think they did a very nice job. I’ve added a new link to the list on the left, which will bring you to a sampling of their wedding photos online. The password is “KJ.” Of course I’m partial to the pics Mike took. He did a great job getting a lot of wonderful detail shots and shooting long before and after Boris showed up. I think Kristen and Josh had the best-photographed wedding I’ve ever been to.



The ring bearers, my almost-4-year-old adopted twin cousins. Aww!

Anyway, the venue was perfect (are you surprised the Lit PhD student is pleased with a Shakespeare theatre setting?), the weather was great, and the stage was set (literally). And . . . Action!

A high school string quartet played everyone in and then the beautiful bride, my baby sister, came down the aisle. Naturally, my dad was crying, so (naturally) I couldn’t look at him for the entire ceremony. Kristen looked so gorgeous in her perfectly chosen dress. I was lucky to have the perfect view of Josh when she came down the aisle too.

The ceremony was very nice, accented by Josh’s sister, Katie, singing “I Hope You Dance”; my cousin David and cousin Dan’s girlfriend, Tessa, singing; and Josh’s fabulously executed dip and kiss when he was told he could “kiss the bride.” Everything was beautiful and sweet. Awww.

The dip — woo-hoo!

Mike really liked taking pictures of everyone blowing bubbles. This is a cool picture of my cousin, Linnea.

The party wasn’t bad either. We ate yummy food (I had the garlic-lemon chicken), wolfed down Cold Stone ice cream cake, watched a slideshow of pictures put together by my mom, and danced our little hearts out. All in all, I’d say it was a success.

Cool special-effects photo of the dancing portion of the reception. I think this is when Josh and his buddies were doing their “Air band” rendition of Journey or something.

Don’t worry, I didn’t drink that entire bottle of Ten High Whiskey, I just look like I did. That’s my pops in the picture with me, in case you didn’t know.

This is Soumya, Kristen’s best friend and one of the coolest bridesmaids ever. She was surprised because Josh and Kristen raked in something like $604 during the dollar dance. Damn!

The pretty, pretty princess, still looking gorgeous at the end of the night.

Now my sister and Josh are in Jamaica and Mike and I have moved on to Arizona. We’ve been catching up with our friends here, but we’re leaving for Ecuador on Thursday. Mike sold his car finally and we went to a new climbing gym and the Tour de Fat (a bike show of sorts, sponsored by Fat Tire beer), but other than that we’ve both been getting caught up on work. I’ll add some pictures of the Tour de Fat later. They’re pretty cool, but it has taken long enough to add all the photos above, plus the bike pics don’t really go with all the pretty wedding photos.

Sorry about the length of time between posts. I’ll be working up a posting frenzy once we get on our way again, I’m sure. Stay tuned for new travel stories — I have a feeling that South America will be a wild ride!

3 Responses to “Ho-Hum . . . Not!”
  1. Dr_Omega says:

    It was great to have Mike home! We missed you Jackie but hopefully you can join him next trip to B-lo.We are excited about India & hope we catch the travel bug but no other “bugs” or diseases(see D&D’s blog on Varanasi)Thanks for the invite to Peru- we will see how this trip goes but are already thinking about it. Love the pictures from Iowa. The wedding looks like a wonderful, happy occasion for everyone there.Have fun & be safe on your travels! Love, Mom Z

  2. Deb says:

    So where is the castle in Buffalo?Great wedding pictures. We promise to try to keep mom and dad sane enough that they will come to Peru.

  3. Laura says:

    hmm, why have I never noticed this castle in our backyard? maybe he was confused and it was actually the pool…

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