Forgotten Details

Mike was disappointed that I had forgotten some crucial details in my last post, so I am going to rectify those omissions now.

First of all, he wanted to be sure that I tell you how he successfully bribed the Peruvian border authorities. You see, the border between Ecuador and Peru is a little screwy. We had to get our exit stamps 3 kilometers before we crossed into Peru. Since it was late in the afternoon when we did so, we found a hotel in Huaquillas, which is a town in “No Man’s Land” on the Ecuadorian side of the border. The next day we crossed into Peru and had to bike another 4 kilometers before reaching the entry station. When we got there, the authorities were paying enough attention that they caught the date on our exit stamps. Obviously, it was for the previous day. Now clearly we weren’t keen on biking an extra 14 kilometers back and forth to rectify the situation, so Mike convinced the border officials that “$10 says we have the correct stamps.” A small price to pay to avoid some serious hassle.

I forgot to mention our disgusting lunch that we had one day, also. Since we’re so close to the ocean, seafood is big here. I’d been having good luck with trying new seafood dishes that I liked, so it’s not too strange that I agreed to share a dish with Mike, despite the fact that we didn’t know what we were ordering. Big mistake. The calamari was almost tolerable (even though it was really rubbery), but the small octopi were just more than I could handle. Our rice-based dish was covered with at least 20 small purple octopi, completely intact with mini suction cups and everything. I ate a couple of legs (mixed in with some onions and a lot of rice), but I couldn’t bring myself to skewer an entire octopus and shove it down my gullet. Nasty. Mike bravely cleared the plate with little help from me.

Anyways… after staying in Mancora (surfer’s paradise, remember?) one more day so that we could chill on the beach and read our books, we set off on our bikes again. Shockingly our map turned out to be inaccurate and we fell short of our goal town for the day. It later turned out to be about 20 kilometers farther than we thought. We camped out for the night in a nice sandy spot off the road, but neither of us slept well. This may have been due to a continuation of the strong winds that had plagued us during our day of biking (head on, of course). When we woke up (well, got up…I never really slept) to that same wind, we slowly pedaled our way to Talara, the town we had intended to reach the previous night. I was completely drained when we got there, and I managed to convince Mike that we should just take a bus to Piura. I’m glad we did. If we hadn’t we would have been biking that entire day in headwinds and heat. I’m tired of biking so much.

So, now we’re in Piura, which is a pretty nice town. We caught up on sleep, I worked on some end-of-semester grading, and we went to the movies. (We saw Knocked Up, which cost us $4 total. Earlier I had gone to purchase a Time magazine only to find that it cost $8.30. Like Hell I’m gonna pay that!) Tomorrow we move on, ever closer to Trujillo, where we plan to stop for a while.

Mike has finally managed to upload a few pictures so that I can post them. He wants you to know that he has been unable to edit them whatsoever and that you should not judge these as representative of his photography skills.

This is a picture of those cuties we stayed with in El Cambio. the picture was taken during our outing to Machala. Angie (6) is on the left and Samantha (12) is on the right.

Angie drew this wonderful picture of us with our bikes on a napkin. I still have it and use it as a bookmark.

I didn’t really know what to make of this disturbing mural near the Ecuadorian border, especially since it was across the road from a bunch of uniform huts…

My sand-writing has carried over into a new country…

This is a lovely statue that was situated near our hotel in Tumbes.

This church is also in Tumbes. During our television interview, I listed it as one of the things I liked about the town. It’s very happy-looking, but it kind of smells like pee. In fact, we’ve noticed that everything smells like pee lately. Gross.

We passed several neat boat building projects along the coast of Peru.

The beach in Mancora had more than just surfers and tourists — there were horses, too!

Here’s one of those surfers, though.

And here’s one in action…sort of. There were a couple of people with skills, but most of the surfers were beginners geting lessons. No, Mike and I didn’t participate. We have yet to acquire surfing skills. Maybe someday.

Okay, that’s all I got for now. Carry on.

2 Responses to “Forgotten Details”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Good bribing Mike!Glad it worked & you didn’t end up in prison. Do you have the recipe for the purple octopus dish? I would love to make it since it sounds so yummy, & Jackie obviously would come for a visit so she could enjoy it again!Glad you are getting close to final destination.Love,Mom

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi – I’m back from New Hampshire & was able to catch up on your blog (it is AMAZING how one little new baby can keep 3 grown adults busy 24 hours a day!!!) Galapagos stories & pics were amazing. What an opportunity of a lifetime! Enjoyed all your posts. Avery is amazing! Zane & Ally are doing great in their new ‘parenting’ roles. Peru sounds great. Love, Aunt Kathy

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