Carnival in Huanchaco

Carnival is pretty much a month-long celebration in Peru. In Cajamarca people celebrate with a water balloon fight that lasts weeks and targets anyone and everyone. Every now and then the water balloons become buckets of water or even paint. Huanchaco is a bit more tame. Carnival is marked by more parties than normal and a few special events. One such event occurred last weekend: the children’s costume parade. Here’s the evidence:

I’m not sure the Huanchaco Carnival parade stacks up to those in Brasil, but it was fun anyway.

Mike thought that these kids looked like a freaky cross between regular clowns and KKK members.

Another strange clown crossbreed…

I liked the guerrilla girls.

This little fairy princess has quite the elaborate crown.

Some of the floats were quite elaborate as well. This pirate ship was a bit too tall however; one of the Dads had to carry a giant pole alongside the ship so that he could lift the power lines above the mast every few meters.

The Little Mermaid float! I don’t know who the hell the chick in the middle is supposed to be, but Ariel and King Triton are sitting in front of her.

And now a few random photos:

Mike loved this makeshift wheelchair. Luckily nobody was using it, ’cause he would have dumped the amputee out to get this photo.

Here’s our charming Huanchaco from the hill above town. Our house is on the far side of the pier, so you can’t see it in this picture. I have updated our travel map (linked on the left) recently, however. It shows the exact location of our house in Huanchaco as well as the location of the language school where I am teaching.

Mike and I are heading off for a brief weekend excursion tomorrow, so it’s entirely possible that I may have more posts and pictures before the end of February. Stay tuned!

One Response to “Carnival in Huanchaco”
  1. Anonymous says:

    WOW! Those people eally know how to decorate! Amazing pictures–so colorful! What an adventure you guys are having–it’s an adventure for me just to read your entries and see the pictures! Keep them coming–and keep safe and well! Love, Gma

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