Extreme Makeover

Mike and I have been having computer problems again, so it looks like it may be a while before I post some more pictures. This is bad for the short term, but good for your summer since it means that I’ll be posting long after we get back to Arizona. And I know that this blog is the only thing that keeps you going some days…

Despite the fact that I don’t have any fabulous trip photos for you, I do have a ridiculous new post to keep you interested (hopefully). First, I’ll fill you in on the answer to the latest trivia question. Haha! I fooled you all! There was no “Blood of Cuy Pudding” on the menu. “Bruises” and “scabs” were abundant though. How appetizing.

This post will revolve around a true poll for a change (not a trivia question).

My hair is gross. I had it cut and colored real nice for my sister’s wedding in October, but it’s gone to hell since. I rarely shower more than once every other day and sometimes not that often. I haven’t used any hair products for over 6 months. I borrowed Sharon’s hairdryer once or twice while she was here, but that’s the extent of my hairstyling for the past year.

I desperately need a change when I get back to Arizona. In fact, I’ve already scheduled an appointment for the day after we return.

For those of you who have known me a while, you know that I’ve been a bit experimental with my hair from time to time. That’s the great thing about short hair. Mine’s been every shade of brown, several shades of red, and even slightly purple on occasion. I’ve never been a blonde, though, and I kind of want to try it. In fact, I would like to try “going platinum.” Sure, it’s a bit scary, but I think my total lack of a hairstyle this past year has emboldened me enough to give it a try. Besides, all of my friends have forgotten what I really look like anyway. Maybe I’ll fool people into thinking I’m a natural blonde.

So, I was shopping around on the Internet for hairstyles/colors I liked and I saved a few to my jump drive. I showed them to Mike and asked him to photoshop them onto me. We found one of the few pictures in which my face was positioned at an okay angle and my real hair wouldn’t be hard to edit out; then he went to work. Personally, I hope I end up looking better than any of the photos, but we had fun putting them together.

So now I need your opinion. Which of the following hairstyles could I possibly pull off (with the help of a good hairstylist and a little luck)? Vote in the poll on the upper right for your favorite(s) (you can check more than one answer this time). Thanks for your help!

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5


3 Responses to “Extreme Makeover”
  1. Dave says:

    How fun! I look forward to more posts. I’ve been following you for a couple months. And I would have to go with #3…

  2. Kristen says:

    haha, too hilarious!! i like 2 & 3, i think a little more of 3 – how brave you are! 🙂 And i have no doubt that reality will look fabulous

  3. Dr_Omega says:

    I think both of you should go platinum!

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