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I have upgraded and updated my blog with every intention of being much better about posting things in the future. You can tell I’m more serious because I have a .com and not a or

I know I’ve said before that I would return to blogging only to post 3 times and disappear again. I know you’re wondering if I’ll stick with it this time. I hope I do. If you bug me for new posts, I’ll be more likely to add them. It’s no fun publishing a blog that nobody reads, so if I know that people actually want some stories, perhaps I will be more active.

Of course, it’s not your fault I haven’t been posting. After returning from an 11-month trip through Central and South America, everything seems lame in comparison. It didn’t seem like I had that much to blog about, but really that was just my excuse. I may not have adventures of quite the same caliber here in the States, but I do manage to get out sometimes. I’d like to share those home-grown adventures too. Besides, it seems a pity to only post Mike’s amazing photos on Facebook — they need a nicer venue and more stories to accompany them.

This new blog launch comes just in time for Mike and Jax’s Epic Roadtrip 2011; in fact, this roadtrip is what inspired me to jump-start the old blog. We will be on the road for about two weeks, headed toward Yellowstone. Along the way we will be camping, hiking, biking, canyoneering, rock climbing, sightseeing, photographing, and more. I’m not going to tell you yet where all we will be going because a) that would ruin the surprise and b) we’re not exactly sure. I will, however, be posting some stuff along the way, so be sure to check back.

Although the blog launch is tonight, the roadtrip launch is tomorrow. I’ll be posting a photo of the ridiculous amount of gear we will be hauling along with a preview of our first stop. I can’t wait to get going!!


P.S. Since this post is a bit wordy and not too pretty, I’ll post some photos from trips I was too lazy to blog about in the past year!

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  1. Jan McDaniel says:

    Love to hear from you!

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