A Taste of the Open Road

This will have to be a quick post, but I wanted everyone to know that Mike and Jax’s Epic Roadtrip 2011 is thus far living up to expectations. We’ve been gone for a little over a week, and we have visited Zion National Park (NP), Bryce Canyon NP, and Yellowstone NP. We have been hiking, canyoneering, photographing, camping, and biking. We have tons of great photos and stories to share soon, but you’ll have to wait about one more week for the best of them — we didn’t bring a computer on the trip, and blogging on the iPad just doesn’t work so well.

So now just a quick taste of our major stops so far (these are only my iPhone photos — they’re not as good as what’s to come):

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One Response to “A Taste of the Open Road”
  1. Sharon says:

    Wow! Great shots. Can’t wait to see more Travel safely!

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