A Day in Iceland

Mike and I are carrying on, seeing sights and spending time in the saddle. We’re now in Vik, the southernmost city in Iceland. From here we head northeast to one of the least populated coastal areas of Iceland. You probably won’t hear from us for several days. Since we last checked in, we’ve seen huge … Continue reading

Adventure #3: Even the Waves Have Rhythm

* This is adventure #3 of my Top 10 Adventures Countdown* Mike and I were lucky to spend our Spring Break in Barbados in 2012. His cousin, Suzanne, and her husband, Steve, chose the Caribbean island as their vacation wedding destination. Mike was (awesomely) recruited as their wedding photographer, and I tagged along because it … Continue reading

What?!? No Fireworks?!?

So, Independence Day turned out to be a bit of a flop. I was hoping for some crazy, colorful festivities, but we either missed them or they plain didn’t happen. We got up in time to see the parade, but it was pretty dull compared to some of the impromptu parades we’ve just happened across … Continue reading