Eastern Europe Route Map

Things have been a little crazy here in Phoenix this past week, so I’m still a bit behind on my blog posts. Mike’s been very busy, but I want some pictures from him before I cover Sarajevo and beyond. You’ll just have to be patient along with me. While I have been waiting, I have created … Continue reading

Honey Badgers and Hippogriffs

Wow, a lot has happened since I last checked in from Aqualeia. For starters, we spent one more day biking in Italy. We went to a cool little town on the Adriatic called Grado. It had lovely bike paths. After that, we wound our way toward Slovenia, which meant that we were biking from sea … Continue reading

Laugavegurinn Trek (Part Two)

I had so much to write about in my last post about the Laugavegurinn that I decided to break up the post into two separate parts. We actually hiked for three days, but I’m going to combine days two and three in this post. Sorry if this is confusing. As I explained last time, our … Continue reading

Laugavegurinn Trek (Part One)

Well, we survived the nasty weather in Landmannalaugar and started our trek a day and a half late. Saturday morning was still grey and drizzly, but the forecast was improving, and it was then or never. With limited time left in Iceland, we decided to complete the 34-mile trek in three days rather than four. … Continue reading

Bandit Camping in Iceland

We’ve begun the last leg of our biking journey since we are now working on completing our circle. There are no major stops until we return to where we started. We’ve moved from northern Iceland into the west, where signs of the capital’s relative closeness are more apparent. There are fewer convenient camping card campgrounds … Continue reading

Floating in a Bláa Lónið

♫ Now’s your moment, floating in a blue lagoon. Boy, you better do it soon; no time will be better. She don’t say a word, and she won’t say a word until you kiss the girl. ♫ Ha! I’ve had the “Kiss the Girl” song from The Little Mermaid (my favorite movie as a kid) … Continue reading

Iceland: First Impressions

Mike and I are nearing the end of Day 2 in Iceland, though you’d never know it by looking at the sun. Last night it was still light out when we went to bed around midnight. We arrived early in the day on July 5th and took our time exiting the airport. That was partly … Continue reading

Adventure #4: Climbing the Navel of the World

*This is Adventure #4 of my Top 10 Adventures Countdown* I’m not much interested in popular deities, but I’m a sucker for ancient mythologies. I loved studying Roman and especially Greek mythology in Mrs. Longhenry’s class in high school, I like the bizarre modern mythologies Neil Gaiman cobbles together in his novels (I get to … Continue reading

Escaping the Heat

A few weeks ago when I revived my blog, I mentioned that the revival was in honor of an upcoming trip. I needed to warm up to the task ahead and give credit to the awesomeness of the past year and a half. I’m now halfway through my Top 10 Adventures Countdown, so this seemed … Continue reading