Eastern Europe Route Map

Things have been a little crazy here in Phoenix this past week, so I’m still a bit behind on my blog posts. Mike’s been very busy, but I want some pictures from him before I cover Sarajevo and beyond. You’ll just have to be patient along with me. While I have been waiting, I have created … Continue reading

Beyond Treviso

We’ve been on the road for two days now, not counting our initial jaunt from the airport. Our butts are breaking in the saddles (or maybe it’s the other way around) and we’re soaking up the sunshine (seriously — we’ve had to apply sunblock multiple times a day). Aside from being a little windy, the … Continue reading

Draggkeppni Islands: Iceland’s 2013 Drag Competition

It’s been 5 weeks of biking and camping, and suddenly you’re in an actual city: Reykjavik, Iceland, home to some 200,000+ people. What do you do to celebrate city life? What do you do to break the routine? Why, go to a drag show, of course! Mike and I arrived in Reykjavik on Wednesday, August … Continue reading