Adventure #3: Even the Waves Have Rhythm

* This is adventure #3 of my Top 10 Adventures Countdown* Mike and I were lucky to spend our Spring Break in Barbados in 2012. His cousin, Suzanne, and her husband, Steve, chose the Caribbean island as their vacation wedding destination. Mike was (awesomely) recruited as their wedding photographer, and I tagged along because it … Continue reading

Blog? What blog?

Well, obviously my 2012 New Year’s resolution didn’t go well (not to mention 2013): four posts last year and none so far this year. However, all of that is about to change, my friends. In order to gear up for my next adventure (which I’ll tell you all about once it’s ready to roll out), … Continue reading

Coco, Costa Rica

Mike and I are on the Pacific coast for our first time on this crazy trip. We’re staying in a town called Coco, Costa Rica, which I like to say because it sounds like I have a bad stutter. We biked in from Liberia yesterday, and I think we’ll stay until Sunday morning. We like … Continue reading