Less Than 2 Weeks!!

Panic time!! We now have less than 2 weeks until we leave, and it’s going to be a struggle to get everything done. That’s for me to fret about though, so let me fill you in, instead, on the fun things we’ve been doing amidst the chaotic packing. Mike got me an early birthday present … Continue reading

Bike Friday . . . Through Thursday!

Yay! I got my fabulous Bike Friday in the mail yesterday. She will be my companion on future travels in foreign lands. Of course, Mike will be there too. The bike is cleverly designed to fold up into a suitcase, which can later turn into a trailer. She’s a beaut! I’ll be posting some pics … Continue reading

Blog Launch

Welcome to my blog! Chances are I won’t be updating it for a little while, but I fully intend to use this site during my travels. Since I plan on spending a good year traveling and working outside the U.S., I figure this will be a good way of keeping everyone up-to-speed with what I’m … Continue reading