Journey to the Jungle

Oh my, have Mike and I been busy! What a contrast to our lazy Huanchaco days… I have a lot to share, so I’ll start where we last left off. After leaving Huanchaco and stashing our bikes in Trujillo, Mike and I caught a bus up the coast to Chiclayo. You may remember this town … Continue reading


Realizing that we had only one more weekend in Huanchaco, Mike and I decided to take a quick weekend trip into the highlands (relatively) nearby. Our destination? Cajamarca. This city is well known for its Carnival celebrations (which we missed) and its dairy products. I say relatively nearby because although Cajamarca is only 295 kilometers … Continue reading

TTFN, Trujillo

Now that we’re about to leave the coast, I figured it was time to post a few pics of Trujillo. Although we were living in Huanchaco, Trujillo was our second city. It’s where we went to go to the movies, visit the mall, or eat at “Papa Juan’s” (mejor ingredientes, mejor pizza). Trujillo is one … Continue reading

Carnival in Huanchaco

Carnival is pretty much a month-long celebration in Peru. In Cajamarca people celebrate with a water balloon fight that lasts weeks and targets anyone and everyone. Every now and then the water balloons become buckets of water or even paint. Huanchaco is a bit more tame. Carnival is marked by more parties than normal and … Continue reading

Perezosos in Peru

Perezoso means lazy, in case you were wondering. Nothing much has happened recently. We’re more or less hibernating in anticipation of our next several months on the road. It turns out that my parents aren’t going to make it to the southern hempisphere this March, so Mike and I have been trying to decide what … Continue reading

Your Travel Blog Fix

Mike’s sister Deb just posted a comment saying that she’s suffering travel blog withdrawal. Since I don’t want her or anyone else to detox, I’m supplying another fix. Honestly, Mike and I are still being quite lazy. Most of our time is spent bumming about Huanchaco. I finished my first month of teaching English and … Continue reading

Home Sweet Huanchaco

Quite frankly, I haven’t been posting much lately because our lives have become much more predictable and “normal” now that we’ve settled in Huanchaco for a while. I teach, Mike works on the Internet, we cook and go grocery shopping, every now and then we go out to eat — essentially, things have calmed down … Continue reading

New Year

Wow, I’ve been slacking lately. It seems as though I have a lot of things to catch you up on. We’ll start with a brief discussion/description of my volunteer job. As I already mentioned, I’m teaching English for a school called Espaanglisch. It’s a slightly disorganized operation, so I’m pretty much left to figure out … Continue reading

Galapagos Birds — Part II

Good news! We’re finally back online. We purchased a new computer the other day so we can once again share our pictures and conduct our business. Even better: we have 24-hour free Internet access! Mike has barely left our apartment since we set up the computer (just kidding). It will take us a little while … Continue reading

Feliz Navidad

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, whether you celebrated with turkey and carols, fondue and games, or chifa and a movie. We found ourselves amidst fruit cake and merengue music… On Christmas Eve, Mike and I checked into a mid-range hotel as a special treat for ourselves. After a week in the friendly but … Continue reading