The Laugavegur in the City

I just finished detailing our Laugarvegurinn Trek through the Icelandic interior in recent posts, but it turned out that our trekking days were not over.¬†We returned to Reykjavik and our AirBnB host for about a day and a half of big city exploration after our hike. Our main goals were to see the sights, buy … Continue reading

Draggkeppni Islands: Iceland’s 2013 Drag Competition

It’s been 5 weeks of biking and camping, and suddenly you’re in an actual city: Reykjavik, Iceland, home to some 200,000+ people. What do you do to celebrate city life? What do you do to break the routine? Why, go to a drag show, of course! Mike and I arrived in Reykjavik on Wednesday, August … Continue reading