Mr. Whiskers

So, since my last post we´ve been busy. We spent one more day on the beach in Playa del Carmen, which was nice. It´s a gorgeous beach with soft white sand and clear water. You can walk out into the ocean a good 100 ft. and still touch bottom. Playa is turning into a 2nd Cancun, so it´s pretty tourist-y but not quite as crazy. We walked along the avenue with the shops (5th Ave.), which brings me to the title for this post: Mr. Whiskers. This is Mike´s new nickname. The Mexicans seem to think his abundant facial hair is comment-worthy. 🙂

Manuel took us back to Cancun Sunday night, and we set out on the road on Monday morning. Our plan is to head west to visit Chichen Itza (Mayan ruins) and then bike south towards the Belize border. Monday saw about 70 miles on the road, and our butts are regretting it. The terrain is nice and flat here, but it is quite hot and humid. We didn´t do enough training ahead of time. Anyhow, the biking was easy enough compared to finding a place to stay.

¿Donde esta un hotel? Ha! No hotel. No place to camp either since the brush is very very thick everywhere and any side roads lead directly to someone´s hut. We were eventually forced to stop in a town called Catzin once it got dark. Lacking a valid place to stay we pulled up to a large casa/tienda (house/convenience store) and asked for a place to stay. The clerk (a teenage boy) told us to wait until his papa got back — he thought we could stay at their house. It ended up working out, but hopefully we will be able to find campsites or hotels in the future.

Worn out from our long Monday, we biked a short 20 miles-ish to the ciudad (city) Valladolid. We have a nice hotel for tonight and are debating our itinerary for the next few days. We might bus-it to Chichen Itza since we pretty much want to head south from here.

Some side notes:
1. The lizards here are HUGE. The first one we saw, we thought it was a small crocodile.
2. I love Mexican food. Tacos al pastor are my favorite so far. Spicy is good!
3. The street signs in Cancun are for the next street, not the street the sign is on.
4. Playa del Carmen has a Johnny Rockets — I was tempted.

Well, gotta run. TTFN!

P.S. Thanks for all the responses! Writing the blog will be easier knowing people are reading it!
P.P.S Mike would like to say hello to all his fans out there.
P.P.P.S. We will have some more pics up soon. Hopefully some nice ones of Chichen Itza.

2 Responses to “Mr. Whiskers”
  1. Dr_Omega says:

    Hi Jax & Mr Whiskers! I think I like the new name better than Bud!Thanks so much for the phone call tonight. Sorry we missed it. Went to the fireworks downtown.Tomorrow a picnic & more fireworks. Can’t have too many fireworks for D!The beach sounds awesome, the sore bottoms not so fun,the food sounds great & the giant lizards & no where to sleep not my idea of vacation. Glad you are having fun. Call again or keep up with the blogs.They are great. Can’t wait to see some pics.Happy 4th of July!Love, Mom Z

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi,Jackie and Mike———–I love reading your blog. and all the pictures. What an adventure! I want to see a picture of Mike! Never have met him, and all the talk about his fans, and his whiskers–can’t wait. What is the avg temp down there this time of year? You picked a good time to leave Phoenix– we’ve really been having a heatwave–up to 120yesterday.Same in AZ. Pray the power doesn’t go out! Do they have AC anyplace there? Be careful and take good care of yourselves. Sounds like you’re in good hands Jackie. Love ya, Gma.

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