Pedaling South

After my last post we decided to take a collectivo (shared van) over to Chichen Itza for the day on the 4th. It was a little hot to be walking around in the sun, but we managed okay. I went to Chichen Itza once about eight years ago. You wouldn´t think ruins would change much, and they haven´t, but I was a bit bummed to discover that tourists are no longer allowed to climb the 91 stairs on the “El Castillo” pyramid. That´s a view I would have liked to see once again. Nonetheless, Mike took some great photos; sadly, you´ll have to take my word for it for now since it´s taking a while to upload them. Maybe by next entry I´ll have something for you.

We went back to Valladolid for the night and started heading south on Thursday. The ride itself wasn´t particularly noteworthy (hot, humid, repetitive scenery), but our digs for the night were interesting. Once again no hotels, but we were more prepared this time. We pulled into Tihosuco and headed straight for the police station to ask if there were any guest houses or if we could camp somewhere. They kept nodding and saying something about “el museo”. After quite a bit of sitting around and chatting we were directed to “El Museo de la Guerra de las Castes”. We checked it out in turn, and as Mike puts it, “it seems as if there was some kinda war between the blancos, mestizos, mayans, etc.”. Anywho, we were introduced to the museum director who happened to have a spare house he let us use for the night for free. It had a fridge, a hammock, a fan, a backyard instead of a toilet, and not much else. They brought us a bucket of water though, and Mike and I were introduced to the “bucket bath” Deb raved about earlier.

We settled in, then left to explore the town at night. We had some great food including hotdogs wrapped in ham wrapped in bacon and smothered with onions, salsa, etc. and some churros. We watched some kids playing soccer and just walked around for a bit before turning in. It turned out to be very difficult to sleep in a hammock and we gave up around 1:00am. Instead we pitched our tent on the floor and crawled inside for a rather hot night of restless sleep. No matter. The people in this town were very nice to us and quite helpful.

Today we biked through more monotonous scenery with the only highlight being an interesting well we saw. We stopped for lunch next to a house with a 15ft. well inches from the front door. It had no sides; it just dropped off precipitously. Quite the playground for the kiddies though. That and the cement they were playing with kept them quite entertained.

Tonight we´re in Felipe Carillo Puerto which is a transit town. Pretty big, with a selection of fine hotels. Yay showers and beds. Tomorrow we continue south. I´ll leave you with a few pics (though sadly no Mayan ruins yet).

Cart-bike of the variety commonly found in Mexico. These things haul almost as much as our bikes!

This house would fit right in in Iowa City (home of flamboyantly painted houses). We liked this one that we found while walking around Playa del Carmen.

Manuel, our first (excellent) host in Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

P.S. Don´t forget to check out the “Travel Map” link to the left. It shows on Google Earth where we´ve been!

6 Responses to “Pedaling South”
  1. Karen Brady says:

    Hee-hee – love your new map symbols! It’s fun following your travels this way. Glad you are able to add posts as often as you have so far. When I was home at lunch today, there was a small paragraph in the paper about a bus buried in a landslide in Mexico. I knew you were taking a bus to Chichen-Itza, so, being the mom that I am, I had to check it out further. There are 4 or 5 towns in Mexico with the name of the accident site, but, thankfully, (according to mapquest)none of them seemed to be near where you are! Hope you have continued good travels (and good food!)Love, Ma

  2. Deb says:

    I’m making Dan shave about every 5th day…perhaps it would work for Mr. Whiskers?!!?!? Although then he would lose that “crazy homeless man” look that I know he is going for so no one will mug you guys. PS…the trick to sleeping in a hammock is to sleep diagonally. PPS. We’ve had some HUGE spiders in our tent. How about you? 🙂

  3. Dr_Omega says:

    Your adventures sound awesome! I should have done it when I was 25!We are headed to Rochester today for Miriam& Lloyd’s 40th anniversary party. Next W we head to Chicago for reunion & on the following Sun to Galena Illinois & then on to Des Moines.Not quite the same as your travels but hopefully fun.The food sounds interesting & the people helpful.I hope your luck continues.Stay safe!Love, Mom Z

  4. Rodrigo says:

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  5. jenn says:

    It seems that youve had some interesting cultural experiences…i wish i could come with you, but i must stay here in hot arizona for now…it was 116 on july 4th way to hot to do anything (except help josh with jewelry) and of course watch fireworks…right now ive still been looking for a job and had an interview today at starbucks which went pretty well (ill keep you posted)…anyway…i leave for minnesota tomarrow and my tournament starts tues and goes till thurs (ill let you know about that too)…i gotta go for now…but keep writing…i love reading your posts…i am traveling in my mind with you….

  6. Kristen says:

    Sis & Wiskers, love the posts!! Sorry I haven’t responded for a while – we had a pretty busy weekend in Iowa City. Lots of wedding planning! (I’ll let you know more in an email) It sounds like you’ve been having quite the time. It’s amazing to me how much you have seen already! I’m sure it was neat going back to Chitzen-Itza – it was quite a while ago that we were there! It sounds like the people are pretty friendly. It has got to be nice to have a free place to stay (even if it is a little rugged). And that crazy hot dog sounded wonderful! Josh and I have been trying to eat pretty healthy, but we did have some pretty good grilled food at the rents last weekend! Alright, can’t wait to read more! Love ya, Kris

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