New Home!

Mike and I finally have a house in Arizona! It’s a three bedroom beauty in a really nice neighborhood. We have access to pools, lakes, disc golf, tennis, racquetball, a library, a golf course, and various other amenities in our community. We also have a fabulous new chocolate-colored couch. Obviously you should take the time to come visit us sometime in the next year — we have plenty of room, and our place is kick-ass!

You won’t have to take my word for it much longer, either — I plan to have pictures up soon. We’ve been very busy moving and unpacking, but we’re almost finished. Soon we’ll be in some sort of a routine. Then Mike will be able to work on our travel photos again and I’ll be able to catch you up on our stories. It will be nice to establish some sense of normalcy since we’ve been abnormal for so long now…

Oh, I also found a job. I’ll be working at Applebee’s, which is about a mile from where we live. It’s convenient and it appears to be busy. I’ll have to start out serving, but hopefully I’ll be able to move behind the bar again before long. At any rate, it’s money, and that’s good.

Well, I’m gonna take off, but keep an eye out for some make-up blogging soon.

3 Responses to “New Home!”
  1. Shoemanaz says:

    Your still abnormal to me!!

  2. Jackie,I’ve really enjoyed reading all about your adventures of the past year. Congrats on finding housing!peace-amy

  3. Deb says:

    We’re all eagerly awaiting photos and stories from the end of your trip….or new adventures and hijinxs from Applebees 🙂

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