Meet Billy!

Mike and I are thoroughly enjoying the comforts of home — especially since we’ve splurged a bit with some super comfortable furniture. Our bedrooms still need quite a bit of putting together, but we’ve managed to make our living areas presentable at least. Mike wants you to know that the photos below were taken with an old camera (since his wide-angle lens is currently being fixed), so they do not represent his best work. Nonetheless, they’ll give you a sense of our new home.

Our front yard is a bit plain, but we appreciate the Arizona-friendly rock landscaping (as opposed to water-guzzling grass). It would be really nice to put in a few cacti, so we may have to consult with the homeowner. I really like the cute green archway and the tree on the left — they make a nice entry point to the house.

These two torritos, or bulls, sit atop that lovely green arch. They are among our favorite souvenirs from Peru. It’s hard to pass through any village in the southern Andes of Peru without seeing torritos perched on every rooftop; oftentimes they are accompanied by a cross, but they show up even without that design element. Some houses feature the bulls on every section of the roof, and we did see bulls sitting above archways (so our design choice is legitimate). The bulls are a symbol of good luck, and I’ll be sure to point them out again when we get around to catching up on our Peru pictures.

Here’s a closer view of the torritos. I’m not entirely sure why, but they are always made with their tongues sticking out.

Our back yard borders a kind of busy street, but we have a nice patch of grass and some tall bushes between us and the noise. I can honestly say that I hardly ever even notice the traffic. Mike wasted no time in hanging his hammock from Ecuador between two of the pillars on our back porch — as you can see. Now for the interior…

Our kitchen is huge and I love it. Though you can’t quite see it, that counter in the bottom left corner of the photo is the start of a four foot wide counter top/breakfast bar. We also have a dishwasher and a pantry that could fit enough food for us for two years, but they didn’t make it into the photo either. Moving on to what is in the picture, I’d like to draw your attention to the bread maker next to the fridge. Mike got it for me as a housewarming present, and I’ve used it several times already. Sadly, I haven’t found any phenomenal recipes yet, so if you know any I’d love to have ’em! On the right of the stove is a small bread/fruit basket that is one of my favorite souvenirs from Peru; it’s a small puma-headed boat made out of the reeds that form the floating islands on Lake Titicaca. In fact, some of the locals float around in much larger versions of our bread basket. I guess that’s enough info about the kitchen, but don’t you think those cupboards are pretty cool too?

The dining room table itself isn’t anything special, but how about those hand-woven place mats from Peru?!? They certainly add a splash of color!

This is one of our living rooms, which I refer to as the “fireplace room” or the “reading room.” The fireplace started out a hideous gray color, but I fixed that in a hurry. Now I think it adds a bit more flavor to the room. The framed picture on the fireplace is a propaganda poster from the Vietnam War, which we bought during our trip to Vietnam 2 years ago.

The bookcase to the right of the fireplace is a personal favorite. Grandma, you should recognize it since it used to belong to you. I love it, and it’s where I put my “special collections” from my personal library. You’ll find Shakespeare’s plays, Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, Harry Potter, and my Chuck Palahniuk collection on this shelf.

This room is known as the “reading room” not only because it contains some of my favorite books, but also because it contains the world’s best reading chair. This super chair is about 5 feet in diameter, and it couldn’t be more comfortable.

Our new chocolate, wrap-around, sectional couch might actually beat out the round chair as my favorite piece of furniture. It’s that fantastic. So plush, so soft — I make up excuses to sleep on the couch instead of in our pretty decent bed. The little bit of furniture you can see in the bottom left corner is actually a third chaise piece that fits with the other two pieces, though we have it singled out for the time being.

Though I opposed it at first, Mike finally talked me into getting a 46″ flat screen, LCD TV. I’m glad he did, though, because it’s pretty sweet. The only thing we need now is surround sound. By the way, in the top left corner of the picture you can kind of make out part of our Llama tapestry from Peru.

Meet Billy. That’s the name of our wrap-around corner bookshelf. We didn’t name it; Ikea did. The nice thing about Billy is that we can add shelves very easily as our collection grows. We might even splurge on the cute little ladder that you can buy as an add-on — those high shelves are hard to reach!

Well, thanks for taking the photo tour with us. It’ll be a while before we have our bedrooms squared away, but I’ll keep you updated. Maybe between now and then Mike will start working on Peru photos again. Lately he’s been very busy getting his jewelry business running smoothly from its new location. I’m helping too! Anyway, try to be patient with us — we’re having a crazy enough time getting back into a working schedule of sorts. I hope all is well wherever you are! Cheers!

2 Responses to “Meet Billy!”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the looks of your new home!It must be fun to get settled for awhile in new headquarters. Wonderful to see “my bookcase” put to good use again. I’m so happy for you and Mike, and it will be fun to see new pictures as you continue to dress up the place. My vote is for # 2–but you’ve probably already made the change by now. I finally just found your blog again today–since it’s been missing since Karen updated my computer for me. Keep healthy and busy and having fun. Love Gma

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sweetttttttttttttttttt. Looks very comfy & inviting. Enjoy. antkathy

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