Blog? What blog?

Well, obviously my 2012 New Year’s resolution didn’t go well (not to mention 2013): four posts last year and none so far this year. However, all of that is about to change, my friends. In order to gear up for my next adventure (which I’ll tell you all about once it’s ready to roll out), … Continue reading

Yellowstone — Day 3

Uh-oh! Here it is 2012 already, and I haven’t finished posting about my summer 2011 roadtrip! I resolve to post more often and in a more timely manner. . . Haha! It looks like I’ve already found a resolution that I probably won’t keep. Nevertheless, you will get the third installment from our Yellowstone trip … Continue reading


We’ve had a fantastic few days in the wonderland surrounding Lake Arenal and its counterpart, Volcano Arenal. There’s a lot to see and do in this area of Costa Rica, so we’ve been taking it easy on our bikes. Though we’ve covered less than 100 km since I last wrote, we’ve been busy! After biking … Continue reading